DCDB Research, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a division of DCDB Group, an international firm dedicated to facilitating cross-border business and transactions.

Working with DCDB Research, our clients gain key market perspective and intelligence that enhances their operational capabilities.

DCDB Research specializes in mining and energy industries in the Southern Cone countries of Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, and Brazil, with a focus on renewable energy and its industrial applications.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of investors, investment professionals, generators, EPCs, mining companies, service providers, operators, construction and infrastructure companies, and project owners.

Market Entry AdvisoryFinancial Structure AdvisoryMarket ResearchComprehensive Due Diligence

Corporate Structure & Company Setup
Regulations And Certificates
Bank Accounts
Licenses, Such As Import/Export
Human Capital Assistance And Visa Advise
Legal And Accounting
Government Liaison And Introductions
Matchmaking And Corporate Introductions
Auction & Tender Participation
Community Relations

Capital Introductions
Special Purpose Vehicle Creation
Fund Establishment & Regulation
Regulated Broker Dealer
Trusts (Fideicomisos), Non-Depository And Regulated
Money Service Businesses (MSB) Assistance

Research And Fact Finding
Client Prospecting
Corporate Intelligence
Auction & Tender Participation
Industry Analysis & Profiling
Competitive Analysis
Target Market Analysis
Market Sizing & Segmentation
Micro And Macro Market Capabilities

Financial Due Diligence
Technical Due Diligence
Legal Due Diligence
Financial Modelling
Geological Due Diligence
Commercial Due Diligence
Operational & Logistics Due Diligence
Management Team Assessment
Valuation Services
IT & Tax Due Diligence (US & Southern Cone Specific)

Energy, Renewables, Resources and Mining

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